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Legal Assistance In Estate Administration

If you need an estate administration lawyer whose familiarity with the procedures and practices of the Wayne County Probate Court can help you avoid delays and expense, contact the Plymouth law firm of Wade A. Myers, P.C. If you’re a personal representative named under a will that needs to go through probate, or if you’ve been appointed to administer an intestate estate, his experience and concentrated attention to your case can make a significant difference in the time it takes to discharge your duties. He also provides estate administration services in Oakland County, Washtenaw County, and Livingston County.

Get Help With Any Issue

Attorney Wade Myers can help with such responsibilities as establishing the validity of the will and determining whether the decedent’s estate can be handled under unsupervised probate administration, which will help streamline and speed the process along. He will assemble, inventory, and liquidate the assets of the estate as appropriate, and prepare and file any necessary accountings. Additionally, he handles estate tax returns and the final distribution and transfer of assets to heirs and legatees.

Assistance That Goes The Extra Mile

If you live out of state and need to administer a southeast Michigan probate estate, Attorney Myers can perform the personal representative’s functions on your behalf, so that you will not need to make repeated trips back to Michigan.

In estates involving revocable living trusts or other trust instruments, we also work with successor trustees to make sure that the assets are properly transferred and titled, and that fiduciary tax returns are timely filed.

In cases where the validity of the will or the testamentary capacity of the decedent is in doubt, we can represent either the estate or a challenging heir in probate litigation.

Settle Your Administration Needs

Attorney Myers offers client-centered and effective representation to help his clients through even the most complex administration matters. For estate administration service that emphasizes responsiveness and efficiency, contact Wade Myers in Plymouth for a free consultation. Call 734-414-8431 or click this link to schedule your initial consultation today.